Monday, 3 September 2012

On the way to the V&A

Yesterday was the first official day of the tour and the weather man predicted "a cracker of a day". 
And so it was - a sunny 25 degrees! I collected my nine delightful companions in the lobby of the hotel and we set off down the road, a five minute walk to the hallowed portals of the V&A, past the magnificent Natural History Museum, its tessellations of pastel bricks glowing pink and blue in the morning air.

There is an impressive installation in the grounds entitled The Lionheart Project, a monumental re creation of the Three Lions royal crest, three caged beasts created in crochet! Made by artist Shauna Richardson and entitled Crochetdermy, the project "celebrates the rich textile history of the East Midlands". Using a 10 mm. crochet hook and thirty six miles of yarn, it took two years to complete. It didn't sound like long enough to us!

I took some photographs under difficult conditions, the glass cage reflecting the patterns of everything around it.


  1. Wow, they are enormous. Still jealous. And this was only on the way to that magnificent museum.

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